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...babies are, pound for pound, stronger than an ox?

Well Child Care

When Does My Child Need a Check-up?

Well child care at Seahurst Pediatrics follows a generally accepted schedule, but your doctor may determine a slightly different schedule if your child's health warrants it. Some doctors' well care schedules fill up quickly, requiring you to plan ahead and call early. If your child's primary doctor's well care schedule is filled, we can always find a time with one of our other doctors.

photo of child being examined by pediatrician

We understand that unforseen things happen, but we ask you to do your best to be on time to your appointments.

While insurance has traditionally covered children's well care represented by this schedule, such coverage has recently changed greatly. Check with your employer's benefits office or with your insurance plan to see what coverage you have.


Immunizations are an important part of well child care for children, and the recommended immunization schedule coordinates well with the well care schedule. There is flexibility in the schedule for the doctor to make a few changes as your child's situation dictates. Seahurst Pediatrics participates in the Vaccine For Children program of State of Washington supplied vaccines.

School, Sports and Camp Forms

As your children get bigger, one emphasis of well care is completing the school, camp and sports forms required for participation. While this requirement may seem like a formality, there are some important health conditions that need to be identified and addressed. In pursuit of that end, we have a sports/ camp questionnaire that Seahurst Pediatrics uses to identify potential problems that will need to be filled out before a sports physical form is signed.

Please fill out a Health History Questionnaire as well as a Checkin Form before each Well Child/Physical appointment that you have for children over the age of 7. This form must also be filled out, in addition to the school or camp form, before any School, Camp or Sports forms can be signed by one of our physicians.