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...babies are, pound for pound, stronger than an ox?

My Sick Child

Seahurst Pediatrics understands the importance of access to outstanding medical care when you have a sick or injured child. We know access to your medical home provides better quality care and peace of mind while saving money and time. Our schedules allow same-day appointments 365 days every year for your sick or injured child, including weekends and select holidays at our Burien location adjacent to Highline Medical Center. We always try to meet your preference for clinic location, appointment time, and pediatrician whenever possible.

photo of child being examined by pediatrician

Expert medical advice is available 24 hours every day by phone with our medical assistants, triage nurses and online with Pediatric Advisor. Our nurses will guide you on what requires immediate attention and what you can do at home with supportive care for your sick child. Our Pediatric Advisor is a searchable guide to hundreds of symptoms and illnesses with practical education, home care advice, and reasons to seek immediate medical care.