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Immunization Information

photo of child getting immunized

Seahurst Pediatrics provides vaccines to keep our children and community healthy. Vaccines remain a safe, cost-effective way to save lives and prevent devastating disease complications.

Most children get vaccines during Well Child Checks following our Recommended Vaccine Schedule. Established patients may also make a special immunization room appointment for vaccines only, or receive them at any office visit.

In our commitment to the health of all children, we are guided by these principles:

  • Provide access to all routine childhood vaccines
  • Follow American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine guidelines
  • Promote vaccines through respectful relationships

We empathize with families navigating a large amount of vaccine information. We encourage you to discuss questions with your pediatrician and explore these sites

HealthyChildren.org many educational articles on immunizations
Vaccinate Your Baby awareness campaign on the critical need for timely vaccines
Vaccine Information Statements from the CDC explain vaccine benefits and risks