Did you know...


...your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart?

Eager Independence

Teach your child how to cross streets safely and about traffic dangers. Never let him cross the street unattended.

Watch your child carefully on the playground. Kids don't realize how dangerous some of their "really neat tricks" can be.

See that your child takes a swim class. After age four, most children are developmentally ready for formal swimming classes. Being comfortable and familiar with water can help prevent panic in an unsafe situation. lnstruct your child not to run around water, not to push or "dunk" others, and never to depend on inflatable toys as life preservers. Never let your child swim alone. Even children who are comfortable in the water can find themselves in life threatening situations.

Put away ladders and other outdoor tools as soon as you are finished. Don't leave the lawn when children are nearby.

Personal Safety

Begin teaching your child to be cautious around people they don't know and not to talk to strangers. lf your child likes to go "exploring" when you shop at the mall together, use a Safety Hand strap or Harness to keep your child close by.


ln your home, active children climbing and jumping can also lead to slips and falls. Keep chairs away from counters. lnstall guards on windows. And, if you haven't already, get a non skid mat for the bathtub.